Making Media Theory

Selected Articles and Chapters

(For a complete list, see my academic site.)

“Google’s Union of Activists Highlights the Need for Ethical Engineering” (The Conversation, 2021)

“The Techlash Is Coming” (Globe and Mail, 2018)

“The Case for Locking Up Your Smartphone” (Atlantic, 2018)

“The Reckoning: Silicon Valley Confronts its Digital Sins” (Globe and Mail, 2018)

“In Defence of Uselessness” (The Record, 2018)

“The Making of a Digital Humanities Neo-Luddite” (In Making Things and Drawing Boundaries, 2017)

“Writing With a Soldering Iron” (In Routledge Handbook of Digital Writing and Rhetoric, 2017)

“Taking Care of Digital Dementia” (CTheory, 2015)

“Confess Your Digital Sins” (Slate, 2014)

“Speculative Realism in Chains: A Love Story” (Angelaki, 2013)”

“Broken Tools and Misfit Toys: Adventures in Applied Media Theory” (Canadian Journal of Communication, 2012)

“Bernard Stiegler’s Pharmacy: A Conversation” (Configurations, 2011)

“Angels in Digital Armor: Technoculture and Terror Management” (Postmodern Culture, 2010)

“Detroit Digital: On Tourists in the Apocalypse” (CTheory, 2007)