Selected Articles and Chapters

(For a complete list, see my academic site.)

“Heads Up, Here Comes the Techlash” (Globe and Mail, 2018)

“The Case for Locking Up Your Smartphone” (Atlantic, 2018)

“The Reckoning: Silicon Valley Confronts its Digital Sins” (Globe and Mail, 2018)

“In Defence of Uselessness” (The Record, 2018)

“The Making of a Digital Humanities Neo-Luddite” (In Making Things and Drawing Boundaries, 2017)

“Writing With a Soldering Iron” (In Routledge Handbook of Digital Writing and Rhetoric, 2017)

“Taking Care of Digital Dementia” (CTheory, 2015)

“Confess Your Digital Sins” (Slate, 2014)

“Speculative Realism in Chains: A Love Story” (Angelaki, 2013)”

“Broken Tools and Misfit Toys: Adventures in Applied Media Theory” (Canadian Journal of Communication, 2012)

“Bernard Stiegler’s Pharmacy: A Conversation” (Configurations, 2011)

“Angels in Digital Armor: Technoculture and Terror Management” (Postmodern Culture, 2010)

“Detroit Digital: On Tourists in the Apocalypse” (CTheory, 2007)