Lot 19 Times


On the official maps of LaSalle, Ontario, Lot 19 identifies one of the original strip farms abutting the Detroit River, which were designated by France in the 18th century. Lot 19 Times is a strategy to rewrite a plot of heritage farmland that is imminently destined to become a suburban neighborhood. Residential development is quite possibly the least creative use for this prime real estate. In resistance to this, and in an attempt to regain control over the doomed landscape, the project proposes 19 separate alternative uses for the land. Each proposal is written on greenhouse plastic, which is stretched over antique gardening flats. Inside each flat is an aerial map of the land in question. The proposals, most of them quite humourous in nature, are based on the oral history of the land. One of the 19 “rewrites” allows gallery visitors to enter their own suggestions into a computer interface.

Art Gallery of Windsor, 2006


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