Screening Coffin

This project, which has gone through two iterations, was made in response to the increasing immobility of humans due to screen-based technology. The first iteration, sewn out of satin, engaged viewers with a video about technology and immobility as they sat inside the “coffin.” The second iteration of Screening Coffin involves a classic, wedged shape coffin that stands upright on a pedestal. Gallery visitors sit inside the coffin and watch a video on a laptop embedded into the coffin lid.

Iteration 1: Satin Coffin
iDEAs Exhibition, Orlando, Florida, 2005

Iteration 2: Wooden Coffin
Morlan Gallery, Transylvania University, Lexington, Kentucky, 2005
Artspeak Gallery, Windsor, Ontario, 2006
Theatre Centre, University of Waterloo, Ontario, 2007
RENDER, Waterloo, Ontario, 2008

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