Border Transmission

This two-channel video depicts O’Gorman’s attempt to capture “sousveillance” footage at the Windsor/Detroit international tunnel in response to increasingly invasive surveillance measures imposed by Homeland Security. O’Gorman’s first attempt to shoot the tunnel was in the spring of 2005, when he concealed a video camera in his car, only to be thwarted by border guards. For his second, more successful attempt, O’Gorman ran the Detroit Marathon sporting a headcam. “Border Transmission” is a sequential remix of these two single-take videos. A key element of this project is the serendipitous soundtrack, recorded live in the car during O’Gorman’s first ill-fated sousveillance attempt.

Onion City Film Festival, Chicago, 2008
Antimatter Underground Film Festival, Victoria, BC, 2008
Detroit/Windsor International Film Festival, 2008
Detroit Docs Festival, 2008
Art Gallery of Windsor, Borderline Case exhibition, 2008

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