E-Crit: Digital Media, Critical Theory, and the Humanities


From the Publisher:

In E-Crit, Marcel O’Gorman explores the ways in which digital media might help to restore the critical, intellectual purpose of higher education, which has been repressed by the technocratic structures that dominate the modern university. He argues that the revolutionary, socio-critical impetus that spurred deconstructive theory and transformed the humanities was lost in the initial attempts to digitize the literary canon and demonstrate the convergence of critical theory and hypertext. Humanities disciplines, he argues, must reposition themselves through the invention of humanities-based interdisciplinary programs capable of adapting to the post-print vicissitudes of a digital culture. E-Crit is thus essential reading for anyone concerned with the practice – and future – of the humanities in higher education.


“From its adventuresome spirit, and its deliberately provisional methodology, to its desire to reform academic discourses and practices, there is much to like about Marcel O’Gorman’s E-Crit. The author argues that critical methodologies, disciplinary structures, and entire universities need to be revised in order to accommodate a more open, less hierarchical, more visually intensive and culturally relevant education. This book makes an important contribution by advancing our thinking about how digital media can and should be incorporated into academia.”
– N. Katherine Hayles, Program in Literature, Duke University